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Vedic Wedding Musical Phera


Wedding is a divine planned event that starts a next phase of the life. When the bride and the groom faces the most awaited day, family and friends come together to enjoy the event and also to wish the blessings over the bride and the groom. It is not the decorations or the ambience or the food or the grandeur in the wedding that brings blessings to the boy and the girl of the day, it is the vedic mantras chanted which is otherwise called Phera. There are 7 different Pheras to speak about, and it would be awesome when music is added with that. Dhora as a Band Delivers Amazing Musical Phera that could fill the ambience with divine presence. The chanting sounds accompanied with music would touch the two souls that becoming one on the auspicious day.

It is believed that a wedding is where the next life starts for both the bride and groom. The wedding marks the start of the Grihastha (householder) stage of life for the new couple and is also a symbol of two families becoming one. The Indian Weddings are bliss to the eyes from the traditional food to attires to rituals, you get savor everything in the Indian wedding extravaganza.

Having exchanged these vows of love, duty, respect, fidelity and a fruitful union the couple agree to be companions forever. The process of phera acquires more significance in that the couple prays for the peace and well-being of each other and pray for a happy future. The involvement of guests in this particular ritual is one of the many cultural norms that India is known for.

A typical wedding phera ritual can be a snooze fest for many with the late night ceremonies and hours of hard to understand mantras chanted by panditji. But couples have now vowed to not only exchange vows with the solemn chants, but have fun while at it. Dhora as a Band Delivers Amazing Musical Phera will make this long ritual interesting by adding a fusion of music with traditional Phera which immediately catches the attention of those struggling to stay awake during the ceremony!

The chanting sounds accompanied with music would touch the two souls that are becoming one on the auspicious day. People enjoy these the most for the creative fusion and have a good time when these are performed. We make sure that our songs and music keep the guests entertained and they don’t realize how time passes while having fun at it. As the completed knot represents the relationship of the couple continues to be strong, despite the inevitable changes life brings. We consider it our honor to be a small part of it.

wedding musical phera
wedding musical phera
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