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Music Group for Mayra


Mayra is one of the important ritual in Hindu Marriages. It has ancient roots in which the maternal family of the bride comes to bless the bride and the groom with gifts and fanfare. Dhora Music Group has performed in many Mayra ceremonies and one of the best Rajasthani Music Group for Mayra. Making the event blissfully blessing with music we have touched numerous hearts filling with different emotions.

Mayra, a ritual that signifies that a brother-sister relation is more of a protection, support and mutual dependency. Hence, it is the duty of the brother to stand by her sister in all major and minor events of her life. Mayra plays a very crucial role in the Hindu wedding festivities and ceremonies.

It is a ritual wherein this ceremony is performed by the maternal uncle of the groom/bride, who, along with his wife and family, arrives with much fanfare, and is received by the bride/ groom's mother with the traditional welcome. The maternal uncles, along with their families, then gifts clothes, jewellery and sweets to the entire family of her sister signifying their love & blessings to the groom/bride. The clothes that the uncle gives are then worn by the family during the wedding. It is bondness for a brother to help her sister in her children's marriage by giving Mayra.

During this ritual the maternal uncle and his whole family are received with much respect, tilaaks (putting vermillion on the forehead) are done, praises are sung, and a huge feast is organized by the bride/groom's family where everybody is invited. It is a celebration of togetherness where both the maternal and paternal families of the bride /groom join for the wedding. We try to make this ritual a memorable one for you and your family.

Dhora Music Group has performed in many Mayra ceremonies and is one of the best Rajasthani Music Group for Mayra. It is our topmost priority to make this event joyous and more entertaining with music that will touch everyone's hearts filled with different emotions. We make sure that everyone from a child to an old person experiences the vibe of this ritual and relish each moment of Mayra.

Music Group for Mayra
Music Group for Mayra
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