Top 3 Modern Age Folk Songs Of Rajasthan To Fall In Love Again!

Top 3 Modern Age Folk Songs

Rajasthan- Popularly known as a land of ancient kings but never forget that it is also known as desert music of folk and Sufi singers and the tales or lyrics on which relationship is believed to exist between music and the soul. In this short Content our effort is to describe 3 New-Age Folk Songs of Rajasthan that to fall in Love with All over Again!

It is our pleasure to share with you some Modern age folk songs of Rajasthan

Here the list of new age folk songs of Rajasthan that gladden your ears.

Sajan More Ghar Aaye – Solo Movie

The modern age folk song of Rajasthan, Sajan More Ghar is truly gladdened to our ears. Swarupa and Jahnvi are the two singers who sung this song. Originally came with traditional bandish, ‘Sajan More Ghar Aaye’. It offers joy and happiness. Track from the Tamil Movie Solo.

Sajan More Ghar Aaye

Aave Re Hichki- Mirzya Movie

After reading the name we understood that this is about hiccups. In this Rajasthan folk song a woman remembers her husband who traveling then she gets hiccups is all about. This Song sung by Modern artists Mame Khan and Shankar Mahadevan and Lyrics by Gulzar this one also a new-age folk song of Rajasthan.

Aave Re Hichki

Padharo Mare Desh- Bandish Bandits

This folk song is in Mand singing style and its describes the feelings of love, affection, and respect for her beloved husband. Folk singer from Rajasthan Allah Jilai Bai was a stole many hearts through this song. Padharo Mare Des is a reprised version song from the drama series-Bandish Bandits.

Padharo Mare Desh

As all we know Rajasthan culture is all about bright colours, charming festivals, tasty food, eye catching dresses, and likewise many such things folk Music and cultured dance of Rajasthan are almost same.


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