13 Rajasthani Wedding Songs to Celebrate Like Royalty

Rajasthani Wedding

For every occasion, music plays a vital role in creating a positive essence especially when it’s a wedding! Heavy sound, vibrant decoration, light and dance create a thrilling environment at Rajasthani weddings. It shows the excitement and lively nature of the people here.

We will not keep you waiting for long, scroll the hit list of Rajasthani wedding songs below-

Kesariya Balam

You all have heard this song in the colors tv serial “balika vadhu” as this is one of the most famous Rajasthani songs. Mand style is used by women of rajasthan to express their love and affection for their husbands. Allah Jilai Bai introduced this folk song. The state is known as golden land due to its desert area, thus, this song determines the beauty of it.


Mishri ko Baag Laga de Rasiya

Music has always been a source to express love either to a loved one, parents or friends. Love has a different language and with folk music it adds colors to the married life of couples. This romantic folk song admires the love among couples. This song beautifully portrays the demands of a wife to her husband about her likings.



This energetic song is originated by Bhil tribe of rajasthan. It is the core of the celebration in every Rajasthani wedding. Women perform dance with the traditional dress and jewellery in a group. The dance steps are quite difficult and it involves maximum swirls in a complete performance. Ghoomar represents “Marwari tradition”.



Top most favorite song of the year is “Banni”. The song helps the groom to admire the beauty of her wife. You can give an awesome performance on the sangeet night with this trending song.



Latest Rajasthani song that assures the groom that he will be loved and cared by her wife throughout her life.


Rangilo Mahro Dholna

Rajasthan is not only a golden land but it is also a place where Rajas have won many war. Thus, ladies dedicate this song to all men who go in the war. Women sing the song for the longevity and safety of their husbands. The beats are fast and its dance performance involves amazing moves with swirls.


Janudi Milgi Re

The most loved thing about all Rajasthani songs is that it is composed of amazing beats. One such song is Janudi milgi re that represents the feelings of the groom towards his wife. The groom describes about the presents he offers on the wedding day.


Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje

The famous bollywood song represents the joyful environment at a wedding. When you will listen to it, you will be unable to stop yourself in giving a fantastic dance performance. You can add fun while performing it with your cousins or guests in a group.


Tejal Aav

Song composed as a tribute to Tejaji Maharaj of Rajasthan is a superhit to play on a wedding. It basically welcome the groom to the land of her would be life partner.



This song is listed in banna banni songs in which guests tells the bride about the gifts that his husband has got for her.


Chhotya Thara Byav Me

All time favorite song of sister in law of the groom is this song. Bhabhi (sister in law) says to the groom that on your wedding I will get ready like a princess and follow the Ghoomar beats to celebrate your big day. It has slow beats but expresses the affection of sister in law.


Raste Raste Chal Ji Banna Sa

The cutest song ever that represent the innocent behavior of the bride. She complains to her husband about the loss of her jewellery. In reply the groom gives her surety to bring as many jewellery pieces as she desire.


Chalo Dekhan Ne

Caring sister is travelling to different cities to find a perfect partner for his brother. She asks to her relatives and friends to come along for the celebration. If you are also searching a banni for your brother then you must listen to it.

Hope you will like the playlist to listen during this wedding season. To know more about Rajasthani culture, keep visiting Dhora.in


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