Rajasthani Folk Music Group All Over the World

Rajasthani Folk Music Group

Folk music is the soul of Rajasthanis. The most loved activity that people perform here is to sing from the core of their heart. They believe that music is the best way to express themselves. Not only in Rajasthan or India but this soulful folk music is also liked by people across the globe. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the amazing rajasthani folk music groups from around the world. Keep Reading!

Malang Music Group India

You will find the breathtaking music collection when you will visit the website of Malang Music Group. The group sings for all types of events including weddings or party to create a joyful essence. You can book this group online for events anywhere in India.


Scarlett Entertainment Germany

Germany is a country in Europe that has citizens who enjoy every single moment of their life. The people there like to include cultural dance and music as a part of their entertainment. The Rajasthan Music Group in Germany is famous for showing their cultural talent across the globe.


Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan

Originated in France in the year 2002, this Rajasthan Music Group in France consists of a group of artists, dancers, musicians, tabla players and more. People from around the world book their shows to listen to the unique beats. Inspiration of Dhoad group has come from their village “Rahis Bharti” where local people are expertise in Ghoomar. This is the well known Rajasthan Music Group in Europe as well.


Chirmi, Indian dance group

This Rajasthan Music Group in Russia gives their best performance in Indian dance form. They are known to work best on the beat. These beats are created by the talented musicians of this group.


Alankar Music Group

This Rajasthan Music Group in UAE has more than a hundred artists who have received many awards for their talent. One of their amazing performances was at the event “Maharajas in Mirbad” in Abudhabi, UAE. If you are a lover of puppet shows and sufi singers, you must book this group for your upcoming events.


Nomadic Music Group in Italy

This group always gives a thrilling performance on sufi music in Italy. They also have a bunch of dancers who perform on tribal Rajasthani music. This Rajasthan Music Group in Italy has received an award in Ludhiana by the Chief minister for best musical performance.


It is an honor to know that our Rajasthanis who are “desi” is now streaming at different locations of the world. Imagine from where all this started, in a desert with a handful of artists. And now, people are aware of these groups across the globe. With Dhora, you can dig more information about such groups and can also book tickets for their shows! Book Now!


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