8 tips to Consider When Choosing a Rajasthani Dance Group for Your Wedding

Rajasthani Dance Group for your Wedding

Are you looking forward to doing Rajasthani folk dance at your wedding? You’ll definitely need a better music group for that. We bring you a list of useful details that will help you in considering when choosing a Rajasthani Dance Group for Your Wedding.

Importance of Rajasthani Dance & Music in your Wedding

In India as we all know there are many types of functions organized. such as marriage, anniversary, engagement, birthday and many other spiritual functions. Music is needed to make the ceremony more beautiful and rejoicing. whose effect lasts for a long time in our memory.

Folk dance and music has always been considered as the most like dance forms in every Rajasthani wedding or any other cultural events. To know the culture and lifestyle of every Rajasthani person, it is very important to see their dance performance, because they specialize in showing all these things through their dance.

Popular Folk Music and Dance

There is some of the most popular folk music and dance of rajasthan that everyone loves to dance in a Rajasthani wedding such as Ghoomar, Kalbeliya, Bhavai, Chari and Gair Dance. Music are Lotia Maand and Langa

As we all know, dance and music are very much liked in marriage, even without it the marriage seems incomplete and when it comes to Rajasthani wedding dance music, which mixes a different sweetness in the wedding.

Then you definitely think about how to choose the best Rajasthani dance group for the wedding so that you and your special guest who comes to your wedding will have complete joy in your wedding.

Dhora Music Group shares with you 8 ultimate tips to consider when choosing a best wedding entertainment group

Wedding Folk Music Group

Tips before Choosing a Rajasthani Dance Group for your Wedding:

1. Music Selection

As already we discussed the importance of music in weddings. So, the prior thing to consider is music selection. According to your music playlist or songs that you want to play at the wedding, that group can perform or not. Rajasthani dance forms are of many types, so according to the music playlist, confirm whether the group knows how to perform or not.

2. Experience Counts

The wedding function dancers make the special day much more special with their dazzling performances. So, before hiring the group, definitely find out working experience like how many years experience the group has, how many wedding functions they have already performed, find out their recent performance and also know the online reviews or feedback.

They should have a track record of delivering high-quality performances and engaging the audience.

3. Group Artist Dress-up

The dancers of your wedding function do a great job in making your wedding memorable. Folk dancers of Rajasthan typically perform in groups and wear vibrant and colorful costumes that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region.

So, make sure that all the hired members of the dance group should be well dressed and good looking. So that the guest who comes to dance with them can match their personality.

4. Budget/Pricing

The budget and pricing for Rajasthani folk music and dance performances can vary depending on various factors such as the performers’ experience, reputation, duration of the performance, location, and additional requirements.

There are many such best dancers and dance groups in Rajasthan who are very well known for performing all the dance forms of Rajasthan and that is why their fees are also slightly higher than others, so keep in mind that their cost should match with your budget or you can discuss your requirements and get accurate pricing details.

5. Professionalism

Before Choosing a any dance group you have to know that displays professionalism in their communication, punctuality, and overall conduct. They should be reliable and committed to making your wedding memorable. Group members should treat each other with respect and support a cooperative environment.

6. Research & Inquiry

In today’s digital world the best place for searching anything is the internet. So you can read the online real customer reviews or articles and find out their social media accounts as well. Another thing is to take inquiry from relatives or friends who have already hired the same group. This will definitely help you a lot in choosing the best Rajasthani wedding group or in dream wedding venue as well.

7. Advance Booking Special Offer

Before booking a group, find out whether you are getting any special discount or benefit by booking in advance? Because there are only a few wedding entertainment groups that offer some special discounts or benefits with advanced booking. As does the famous wedding musical group Dhora of Rajasthan.

Here you can get some special discounts and benefits on advanced booking with the best Rajasthani folk singers, dancers, solo or group talented performers. Dhora Music Group is always at the top of the list when it comes to high energetic music and dance events for weddings anywhere in india.

8. Cancellation policy and Refund

Be sure to find out the cancellation policy and refund charges, if at any time you have to cancel the function, then what are the policies of that group, like in how many days before will have to tell if the program is cancelled, what percentage amount refundable, What will be its process, or many other things that come to your mind.

So what you are waiting for, Book or Schedule a consultation and let’s chat about your wedding day dance and music needs with us! We will be happy to give you some more good suggestions

Hope you liked this useful information.


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