Pre-Wedding Rituals Performed during Myra Bhaat

Mayra Bhaat

A ritual that involves gifting to the bride’s family for a better future with her husband by her maternal uncle is known as myra. This ritual is celebrated with a lot of fun and excitement. Songs are sung, dance performances are held. On behalf of bride’s mama, some gifts are offered to her and family. In short, myra expresses love, care and protection towards her sister by providing certain liability to his nice/nephew during his or her wedding.


Let us understand the story behind Myra Ceremony. Rajasthan is known to be a cultural heritage. All the wedding rituals are performed in a traditional style, respecting values and customs created by their forefathers.
In dwapara yuga, king Narsingh donated all his wealth to the poor people in the name of Lord Krishna. He devoted himself in the feet of the God with his mind, body and soul. He had a daughter for whom he has to complete the myra patrika. After trying for several solutions he felt helpless and finally praised to the lord Krishna to help him in that situation.

The Nani bai ka myra Story

Since king Narsingh devoted himself completely to the lord almighty he was not able to fill the myra of her daughter. He prayed to the almighty to shower his blessings in response to the myra patrika. In the myra patrika by nani bai’s in laws: they asked to give fewer gifts from her family including quarter past betel, quarter past rowley, 80 thousand gold pieces, 1 crore rupees, 2 gold bricks. Lord Krishna as a brother gave 56 crores myra to nani bai that was four times more than her in laws expected.


The Celebration

This auspicious moment is celebrated by singing songs that are based on the story of nani bai ka myra. It indicates the brother-sister bond and devotee-god bond. Nowadays, it has become a tradition to include Mahera function during wedding. It has also been said that this ritual helps the bride’s family to manage finances at the wedding.

In the years of Kalyug, there were no rights for the daughters to take part in the parental property. So, brother used to take the responsibility of her sister. He used to provide financial help during the marriage of his niece or nephew. At that time, children used to get married at a very young age.

It is understood that the groom is himself a kid, how will he able to get a good home and other required things for her wife. The most common gifts offered are jewellery, clothing and sweets that is used by the bride during her wedding..


This ritual is celebrated with a big feast where both bride and groom’s family is invited. Mama selects beautiful Mayra function dress for the bride that she utilizes in one of her wedding functions. In today’s time, some people perform this ceremony to flaunt their financial status but not everyone accepts negativity. Many people do this ritual with intimacy and love towards their family members.


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