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  • Famous Rajasthani Musicians

    Famous Rajasthani Musicians who Brought Their Best in Bollywood

    We believe that you are doing well. Today we will be going to travel to the world of folk singers along with their musical instruments and will try to deliver your love for Rajasthani Music. Khamma Ghani Sa! There are some voices that connect to our soul! Aren’t they? Words...

  • Rajasthani Wedding Dhora Music

    13 Rajasthani Wedding Songs to Celebrate Like Royalty

    For every occasion, music plays a vital role in creating a positive essence especially when it’s a wedding! Heavy sound, vibrant decoration, light and dance create a thrilling environment at Rajasthani weddings. It shows the excitement and lively nature of the people here. We will not keep you waiting for...

  • Folk Music of Rajasthan

    Famous Cultural Events of Rajasthan

    Dessert, traditional outfits and spicy food at feasts; Rajasthan has a rich heritage from centuries. Located in the west of India it is famous for its lively festivals. You will be surprised to know that in this world of technology, the beauty of festivals is still alive in the hearts...

  • Kalbeliya Dance and Folk Music

    Rajasthan’s Gypsy Tribe: Interesting Facts about Kalbeliya Dance and Folk Music

    Since centuries, dance has been a great source of entertainment in India. The royal families used to get entertained by music and dance. One such dance form is Kalbeliya that we will be going to discuss in this article. Since centuries, dance has been a great source of entertainment in...

  • Folk Music and Dance of Rajasthan

    Most Popular Traditional Folk Music and Dance of Rajasthan

    The remarkable culture of Rajasthan has volumes to show and speak. Rajasthan is known for its rich traditions and culture which is entailed in the hearts of people of Rajasthan. The winds of the desert, the lives of the people, the traditional folk music and dance of Rajasthan has a...

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