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  • Rajasthani Folk Dance Forms

    10 Types of Popular Rajasthani Folk Dance Forms

    Are you ready to know about the stories behind traditional dance forms of Rajasthan? Then take a seat with a cup of coffee and Read More. Rajasthani folk dance forms are popular all around the world. This traditional form needs skills and a lot of effort. Teratali, chang, tejaji are...

  • Rajasthani Folk Artists

    Entertainment by Rajasthani Artists in Live Events

    What? You have never been to a live concert? I am telling you that you have missed something great. Allow me to brief you about it. The folk culture of Rajasthan is the center of attraction for most tourists. It is traditional music that is played to express stories of...

  • Golden Land Rajasthan

    8 Things that Describe the Folk Culture of the Golden Land

    Is your camera waiting to click candid pictures? Plan a trip to Rajasthan! Yes, you are reading it right, candid pictures who doesn’t like it? If you ask me what drives me way back to Rajasthan? I will have several reasons to visit the land of Kings. I love the...

  • Rajasthani Folk Music in Europe

    Footprints of Rajasthani Folk Music in Europe

    Folk music is a contemporary type of music that comprises traditional melodies. It depicts the cultural values of Rajasthanis that generally have lyrics about seasons and story narration. Artists (dancers and singers) make use of handmade instruments to create beats that are supportive of the music. Now, folk music has...

  • Rajasthani Wedding Dresses

    7 Alluring Rajasthani Wedding Dresses for Guests and the Bride

    The culture of Rajasthan is not only that we study in books but it is also that we perceive after visiting this Royal land. Sunset at Udaipur and bonfire of Jaisalmer are something you can experience once you visit Rajasthan. Apart from this, huge forts, resorts, the dessert, and the...

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