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  • Book Live Entertainment For Your Event

    Reasons Why You Should Book Live Entertainment For Your Event

    It’s the most important day of your life. You absolutely want such a day to be special not just for you, but for each of your guests. A truly amazing evening needs some truly amazing music, and for truly moving music, nothing beats a live band with talented musicians. There...

  • Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan

    Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan are Taking Folk Music to The Global Level

    Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan are Taking Folk Music to the Global level. Though it is overwhelming for most people but Dhora Gypsies are focused on their performance on the global stage as part of the Disney Wild Festival which runs for 100 shows. It is a...

  • Rajasthani folk culture

    Rajasthani Folk Culture Blossomed at NetTHEAT (Next Era Theatre) by Dhora Group, Featured in Different Newspapers

    On NetTheat, Dhora Musical Group showed the cultural and traditional background of Rajasthan through their dance performances. Rajasthan's history and its cultural glimpse can be depicted by its folk songs, folk dances and folk music and that's what Dhora musical Group depicted in their show. Rajasthani Folk Culture NetTheat's Rajendra...

  • Jaipur-Atrauli-Gharana

    The feel of Indian Music lies in Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana

    Rajasthan, a land of Kings, traditional attire, food, and music has never-ending list of soulful music. From tribal music like Kalbeliya to Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana, every music originated here and got popular. Here, we will be discussing Gharana music and its importance in the lives of people. Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana This music...

  • Music of India - Folk Music and Dance of Rajasthan

    Popular Folk Music of India

    India’s rich culture and tradition are famous around the world. Thanks to the different societies established here. You can find tribal clothing, jewelry & accessories that are unique in design if you visit India. Also, you will get to hear the stories of Kings and battles. But the heritage is...

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