Most Popular Folk Music and Dance of Rajasthan

Most Popular Folk Music

Popular Folk Music and Dance

Rajasthan is a place of royalty and the royalty enjoys folk music and dance. This is the true eternal romance that Rajasthan has with culture and heritage. It mixes and merges well with other arts and crafts such that Rajasthan paints a very pretty colorful picture. It also paints a picture of the hectic and bustling village life of the Banjaras who sing these songs and dance these dances.

Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are famous for this song and dance. The songs are called the rasiya songs, these are also called the braj songs, the dance associated with these is called charkula where the women carry a pot on their heads and dance. People beat their palms as they sing traditional songs. They spin around as they do so.

First, we will cover the different styles of music and later different styles of Rajasthani dances!

Folk Music and Dance

Panihari Songs

Women who carry water on their heads coming from afar are called panihari women and they have developed this form of music. These women work hard and their voices are so melodious. Their soothing voices remind one of the flowing water and luscious waves.

Langa Musicians

The Langa musicians belong to the community of Muslims and the people of Barmer and Jaisalmer. The communities are trying their best to future-proof their heritage so that their beautiful culture does not get lost in time.

Maand Music

This is the Ghazal style of singing. This is neither raga nor freely flowing music, it is much more soulful than both the pre-mentioned therefore it falls in the Ghazal category.

Lotia Music

It is the songs sung by peasants working in the fields. Women carry lotas and Kalash during this time of the Chaitra month when they sing these songs during the spring season. This is the music of langas and manganiars. This singing is considered auspicious and in the reverence of God.
Now we will cover the folk dances of Rajasthan.

Folk dances of Rajasthan do not just captivate you aesthetically but also are a call to the mighty god. There are eight main folk dances in Rajasthan. Most of these dances are by women in ghagras or a long skirt but men wear lungis and dance too. The rhythm is always upbeat and the mood is always joyful.


The first intangible heritage of Rajasthan dancing is kalbeliya. Women here dance sensually to the dholaks being played by men. The dance movements appear serpent-like. Locally this serpent dance is also known as sapera dance done by snake charmers.


Bhavai is the dance of all rituals. The people who perform this dance belong to the castes like jats and meenas and kumhars. This is the tribal dance mainly restricted to these communities. Women here dance to the sounds of musical instruments like harmoniums, sarangis, and dholaks.

Kachchi Ghodi Dance

If women want to dance to flutes and drums, then they have a dance called Kachchi ghodi. Swords are used in this dancing. These dancers are also invited to weddings and functions to perform a mesmerizing sight.

Gair Dance

Gair is another dance form by the locals of Rajasthan. The women wear ghagra choli and dance with sticks, swords, and arrows. This dance is performed on the birth event of lord Krishna where the devotees gather in large numbers to perform this dance.

Chari Dance

The Chari dance of Rajasthan is performed when a male child is born. Women carry charis on their heads with lit up lamps inside the charis which looks breathtaking at the night, the celebration can go on for more than one day.

Kathputli Dance

Then there is always the Kathputli dance which is becoming popular to make sure that the Rajasthan is no longer facing social evils.


Last but not the least, there is the Holi dancing which is most famous in the royal state of Rajasthan. Here some men dress like women and perform ghoomar. It’s captivating for those who are watching!

If you are from abroad you’ll love Rajasthan for its music and dance, but that does not mean you can be Indian and not impressed with the land of maharajas called Rajasthan.


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