Importance of Rajasthan’s Folk Music Group in Royal Weddings & Corporate Events

Royal Weddings

We always talk about the cultural values of Rajasthan. It includes katputli dance & tribal dance performances that expresses its rich heritage. But we are missing out on the most special part of this state that is “Folk Music Group”. Folk music is becoming popular from across the world due to its unique lyrics. It began in the mid-20th century; Ghoomar of Udaipur and Kalbelia of Jaisalmer is the traditional songs on which people cannot stop themselves to make awesome moves whenever they hear it.

So what’s the tale behind such music?

Earlier when the kings ruled this Golden land, The tribal people used to migrate to different places to earn daily wages. They used to frame their struggles and happiness in the form of music that reveals their own story. Thus, famous group like Malang Music Group originated here who is now gaining popularity in foreign countries as well. The authenticity of the Musical Instruments supports it and makes the music miraculous. These instruments are made manually by the local people from mud, strings, and wood.

This blog will discuss the importance of such Folk Music Group in royal weddings or events.

Royal Rajputana wedding

Rajput’s were the royal blood of Rajasthan who was the kings or the owner of royal kingdoms. Jai Singh II was the founder and king of Jaipur who had planned a map of this Pinkcity. Rajputs have a different identity; the strong mustache men and the heavy jewelery of women are exquisite. Rajputana attire, jewlery, and style are prominent around the world.

Ancient Rajput weddings used to be vibrant and appealing. Groom used to come to the wedding area with a grand entry by including swords, horses, and elephants. Following him used to come baraat or the groom’s family with loud music from drums and metal shehnais. It used to add a vibrance to the wedding.

A wedding in Rajasthan means a joyous celebration. Not only colors, lights, food but the essence of music is also present in the wedding ceremony. Big decorated stage with several flowers filled with mesmerizing fragrances. Adorable lights, fabulous bridal entry is still a part of the Royal Rajputana wedding. The only change is that now people include a performance by a folk music group. This adds grace to the whole wedding. Most of the songs are based on the beauty of “Baisa”, the bride.

Banri Baisa is the most famous song that is played on drums and harmonium. It represents the way the bride is waiting for his groom. She is getting ready with their favorite attire of her “beend”, husband to make him feel worth for her. Her love is priceless that everyone celebrates it as their D-day!


Corporate events

The main cities of Rajasthan where the folk music group is sung are Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. Songs are mainly based on fetching water from well, decorating camels with accessories, or on harvesting season. Kalbelia is performed at an anniversary of a company to make it more pleasant. Union Bank, Jaipur often conducts corporate events in which they include a performance of a folk music group. Ave hichki and hirmi ra dala char are some of the folk songs that are played at a corporate event. Alankar music group and Malang Music are the two most famous folk music groups of Rajasthan that are well known at an international level as well.

The reason why these groups are important because, with their performance, the culture of Rajasthan is still alive. They sing melodious rhythms wholeheartedly without compromising even in a single beat. When the performances are given by the artists, it adds value to the event. It shows cultural values are still present among the people and their blood is pure, dedicated to their birthplace.


The people of Rajasthan have farming as their way of living. With simple living and earning, it’s only the folk music that adds colors to their life. Everyone who visits Rajasthan gets fond of its beauty and folk music. If you are looking for the best Rajasthani folk music group, end up landing here at Dhora! We will provide you bewildering artists that will make your event memorable. Contact Us NOW!


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