How Royal Wedding Customs are performed at a Rajasthan Palace

Royal Wedding Customs

The Golden Land, Rajasthan has a rich cultural heritage. Believe it or not, culture is the gift of the forefathers that from royal kings to the local people follow it. Every occasion in this state is celebrated with happiness and joy. Each member of the community takes part in the cultural activity with great enthusiasm. The latest festival that was celebrated was “Gangaur” that is originated in pink city, Jaipur. Not only the married ladies but the unmarried ones pray to the Goddess Parvati to protect their husband and to get a good life partner. Every female member of the society takes part in the rituals.

Can you hear wedding bells?

Now imagine when it comes to a wedding how cheerful the people will be? Relatives from different villages, towns, and cities gather to sing songs, perform pooja, and dance on the folk music beats. The music of wedding bells can be heard from the excitement that the wedding guests have.

Khamma Ghani Sa! We welcome you to the royal world of Rajasthan when it comes to planning a destination wedding at one of its amazing forts. The weddings generally take place in royal forts or deserts in Rajasthan. Ritual like Sangeet is performed in the dessert after sunset to take the benefit of cool sand. Bonfire is arranged for the guests along with traditional cuisines, folk music and dance, lights, and more. Some of the most commonly used forts are Rambagh Palace, Alila Fort Bishangarh, Tijara Fort Palace, and Mandawa Castle. Entire fort is decorated with flowers, lights, and colorful chunaries to create an essence of a wedding.

Indian Customs during a Wedding

An Indian wedding does not represent a relationship between a bride and groom but it connects to two different families emotionally and spiritually. Mostly, ethnic wear for men and women is preferred for wedding functions. The ceremonies take at least three consecutive days in its completion.

Ceremonies performed

At a Royal Palace like Rambhagh wedding culture begins with elegant and attractive decoration. For Ceremonies Like Haldi and Mehendi, functions are performed in the ground using a mandap. The sitting area is decorated with flowers; snacks, music and a dance floor are provided to add a glimpse of joy for the day. Dinner and lunch meals are arranged in a hall with fine dining to make the guests feel cozy.

Ganpati Sthapana

Lord Ganesha is hailed before performing every important task in India be it be a wedding function. Everyone prays to the Lord to arrange the wedding at peace and with fine happiness.



It is a pre-wedding ritual where couples exchange their rings showing a commitment of marriage towards each other.


Haldi & Mehendi

These functions show the intimacy between couples. Groom’s haldi is applied to the bride to enhance her beauty. Later, the bride applies henna on her hands that signifies the affection of her husband towards her.



This ceremony is performed to celebrate the meeting of the bride’s and groom’s family. Relatives from both of the families give dance and singing performances to add delight to such a “mehfil”.



It is a type of parade that is performed by the groom’s side guests until they reach the wedding palace. They are later greeted by the bride’s family. Groom’s mother-in-law applies tilak on his forehead as a part of the ritual.



Here comes the day when the princess of the house is ready to take a step into her in-law’s family. Bride shower rice pieces towards her family that are handled by her brother in a chunari. She praises the soil of her land and takes blessings from it to have a bright future at her law’s place.


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