Festivals of Rajasthan You Simply Cannot Miss!

Festivals of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has always been a hub for tourism since Kings started to rule it. Many foreign kings used to visit the land and many of them fought to gain its authority. Still living with the moral values, its authenticity still resides in the hearts of local people. You know what is so special about this state? Each of its cities has a different way of celebrating life. So let’s explore all the amazing festivals of Rajasthan as per different cities.

1. Jodhpur- Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Do you know about sharad purmina? It is the brightest moon night of the year. People of Jodhpur celebrate this day at Mehrangarh fort. You will be amazed to know that people from around the world come here to participate in the celebration. It is a traditional music and art festival.


2. Sacred Festival

It is celebrated with healing sound, soulful music and heritage walks. You will be happy to see the amazing rajasthani artwork during this festival.


3. Jaisalmer- Desert Festival

What comes to your mind when you imagine the word desert? Oh no not the sweet ones, the land covered with soil and the cactus around? A little bit yes, but during the desert festival, this golden land is decorated with lanterns, lights, bonfire and more. You will get to smell aromas of traditional rajasthani dishes like gatti ki sabji. The desert festival is organized by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation for three days in February.


4. Nagaur Fair

Athithi devo bhava story: King Umed Singh invited Shri Randeoji to demonstrate his powers to the city citizens. At the request of people, he stayed there and every people used to celebrate the day with immense pleasure.

Farmer’s Story: The desert land in Nagaur is not appropriate for farming, so, the local people used to conduct extravaganza with their animals for the tourists. This used to give them some part of earning.

Nagaur is the second-largest cattle fair in India is arranged by the department of Animal Husbandry of Rajasthan. It brings out the true essence of rajputs. In this cattle fair, many animal owners bring their cattles, horses, cows, camels. The day is well spent following some desi dance and music. It is also known as Ramdeoji cattle fair. It last for ten days and generally celebrated in the last week of January.


5. World sufi spirit festival-Jodhpur

Spiritual peace is not simply a cup of tea that can be taken by anyone. It is a “sadhna” that involves peace of mind to connect with soul. Therefore, to attain peace considering the busy schedules of people this festival is celebrated in Jodhpur. The soulful music awakens the soul from inside making you feel light and happy.


6. Baneshwar festival

This tribal festival is commemorated in the name of Lord Shiva in January. In day time, people offer sweets, flowers, coconut, jaggery and more as a Prasad to the God. Later in the evening, Ghoomar is performed including various food stalls.

Baneshwar festival

7. Elephant Festival

It is celebrated before the annual festival of holi. On this occasion, elephants are decorated with accessories and are embellished with colorful outfits. Elephant race or polo is played along with the dance performances by the local artists.


8. Mt. Abu- Summer and winter festivals

How distinct the celebrations are here in rajasthan. People enjoy both summer and winter with extreme happiness. The summer one is celebrated in may for at least 3 days that draws everyone’s attention to the amazing stalls here. The winter festival is celebrated near Nakki lake for 3 days in the last week of December.


9. Kumbhalgarh Festival

Maharaj Kumbha had a keen interest in art, music and culture. Thus, this festival is joyfully celebrated in his memory at the fort Kumbhalgarh. During day time, stalls are adorned with fancy items for the visitors. At night, lights are arranged in a manner that the fort appears none less than a bride to celebrate the moment.


10. Ajmer-Urs Festival

It is celebrated as the death anniversary of Khwaja Moinuddin ChistiKhwaja Moinuddin Chisti. You will get to hear live Qawwali by the famous singers.


11. Jhalawar-Chandrabhaga Fair

A cattle fair is organized on the river side of holy river chandravati in the month of October and November.


12. Bikaner-Kolayat Fair

It is celebrated near Kolayat Lake where the ghats are decorated with stalls. You can purchase handmade jewellery, bangles and scarfs here. Prayers are chanted by the devotee to the Kolayat lake at morning and evening time.


13. Bikaner-Kabir Yatra

This is enjoyed by the local people of Bikaner. This is based on the travelling music festival in which local people walk around the borders of Bikaner by continuously reciting folk songs.
We are sure that these festivals will definitely make you fall in love for rajasthani culture. You will not want to miss the beautiful dessert, colorful festive stalls, exclusive delicacies, unique attire, and traditional music and dance of Rajasthan.



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