Famous Rajasthani Musicians who Brought Their Best in Bollywood

Famous Rajasthani Musicians

We believe that you are doing well. Today we will be going to travel to the world of folk singers along with their musical instruments and will try to deliver your love for Rajasthani Music.

Khamma Ghani Sa!

There are some voices that connect to our soul! Aren’t they? Words that perfectly describe your emotions and the beats that just takes your breath away. One such mood changing song is Ghoomar Ramva that automatically brings out amazing moves out of you. Do you want to know the individuals behind such soulful music? The Famous Folk Singers of Rajasthan. They give life to the song when they perform it with their heart. The perfect lyrics and melodious voice creates a strong connection between a listener and a singer.


Ila Arun

A name that is spelled by every other tongue is “Ila Arun”. Having an expertise in singing, she is also magnificient in Indian cinematography. She sings mainly in Bollywood for chartbuster songs. Famous songs are Ringa Ringa (Tamil Song), Khwaja, choli ke peeche. She has unique and husky voice that makes her stand out from other musicians of Rajasthan.


Swaroop Khan

Born in Baiyan village of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan this singer has a good hand on musical instruments like morchang and khartal. Such a talent deserves awards and some of these are Humlog award, Big FM rising award and Dharohar virasat award. One of his artistory is “Tharki Chokro” from the movie PK, ghoomar from the movie Padmavat, Mukkabaaz are some of the movies in which he has given his awesome performance.


Bijal Khan

He is one of the Famous Rajasthani Musicians. He belong to barmer, Rajasthan and is known for his unique sufi music. He is a spiritual singer who admires the beauty of human life created by God. Imagine how beautiful his songs are by having such humble feelings are disclosed in his folk music. Hichki is one of the popular hits of the singer Bijal Khan.


Allah Jilai Bai

She is one of the Famous Rajasthani Folk Music Artists of 60’s and 70’s who has given many folk hits. This padma shri awardee had sung mumal and all time loved kesariya balam. She also released music hits in different singing styles such as khayal, maand and dadra.


Ustad Sultan Khan

Originally from Sikar, this Padma Bhushan awardee was one of the active members of tabla beat science fusion group. This group This classical vocalist had spreaded his name widely with his amazing voice. His renowned song is “Albela Sajan Aayo Re”


Mame Khan

Chaudhary is the most expressive song that highlights the feelings of bride for his beend. He sings the songs in combination of folk and sufi that gives music a new taste. He is favorable to sing on any event say birthday, wedding or anniversary. His voice creates an amazing vibe in the celebration environment. Tabla beat and his rhythm completes the meaning of the lyrics.


Gazi Khan

Music is not bounded for a religion to get recognized. A singer performs in different singing styles like Punjabi, rajasthani, Haryanvi and more without any boundation. With the same concept, gazi khan has gained popularity with his soulful music. He is delivering his heart touching voice since childhood and Mast Kalandar is his most famous creation. He has not only performed in India but has also given events at Italy, Holland and France.


Bhanwari Devi

This social worker, talented and soft-natured women was from Bhateri, Rajasthan. Her expertise was in bhopa-bhopi folk music that she used to perform with her husband. The trending songs in her playlist are Ladu jesi ladki, Banna more bhamariya. She was born in a poor family near a village in Kishangarh, Ajmer district. Despite that, she had received popularity with her miraculous voice.

In today’s time when pop and fusion songs are released on the internet, folk music is not behind. Bollywood industry has been embraced with the evergreen folk music of Rajasthan in many movies where Rajasthani folk music artists have forecasted their talent. These were some of the eminent singers whom we have tried to include in the list that will definitely uplift your mood. Dhora.in


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