Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan are Taking Folk Music to The Global Level

Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan

Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan

Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan are Taking Folk Music to the Global level. Though it is overwhelming for most people but Dhora Gypsies are focused on their performance on the global stage as part of the Disney Wild Festival which runs for 100 shows. It is a moment of extreme pride for the Gypsy tribe in India. This is the first time Disney is presenting India.

It means that every day, there’ll be 50,000 people for the concert and it will be a day of joy for these Gypsies of Rajasthan. We are delighted to share this with you.

Dhora Musical Group which are known for their hard work in every performance and who truly depicts the folk art, dance and music of Rajasthan through their articulate work are going to take this art to the next level with them.

These Gypsies of Rajasthan have great performers within them which includes khartal players, vocalists, tabla artists, harmonium players, dancers and many more. They prepare everyday for the better, practice which can be seen in their performances as well and now they are preparing to show the world their talent.

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Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan are again taking us into the rich and colorful musical traditions of the north west Indian state of Rajasthan on Times of Maharajas. Overflowing with harmonium, sarangi, kartal, dholak, tabla and some truly extraordinary vocals, Times of Maharajas is extravagantly lush and infectiously joyful.

The audience at most of their shows, however, aren’t just Indians looking for a reminder of their cultural roots and heritage. Sometimes it’s a mix of Indians and locals. In Italy, for example, it’s mostly Italian people. When they were in the U.K., there’s lots of Indian people but also U.K. residents.

Rajasthani Folk Music and Dance on the world map

In the U.S., they have seen a lot of people coming out. They get famous all along because of the beautiful cultural songs that they sing through their performances which rightly depict the culture of not only Rajasthan but also of India to the International level and people enjoy and love what they do for the surrounding. Listeners get a real treat with every other song that these Gypsies have to offer.

Not only songs, Rajasthani gypsy dance left everyone awestruck at the international level. The Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan have performed over twelve hundred concerts in over one hundred Ten countries, delighting audiences for the last eighteen years. Thus, DHORA Gypsies are known today as “the Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan”.

Dhora Gypsies of Rajasthan head out to shows in Italy, Norway and Sweden in the coming months. We aim at bringing Rajasthani Folk Music and Dance on the world map.


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