Best Wedding Vedic Musical Phere Group

Wedding Vedic Musical Phere Group

As the wedding season is around, it has been a trend that whatever is in fashion or styles people adapt that to make their special day memorable.

In a similar way musical phera are such trend going on, so let me brief you what exactly musical pheras are, earlier a priest supposed to sing pheras in Sanskrit.

It is boring when a language is not understandable, so modifying it and adding a modern touch to it is not a bad idea if I have to suggest to someone that this particular ritual can be modernised and can be memorable without breaking its authenticity! Let me give a brief.

Wedding Vedic Musical Phere Group

Wedding Musical Phere

I was also not so sure about it but once at a friend’s wedding which I attended in past I felt board and was to give up with the rituals and wanted to sleep as it was a night wedding, but the moment pheras started I was so attentive.

So basically, the pandit ji came in coordination with the local music group who were already there with the event team who were managing the event, the moment started by a Bollywood song like “dulhe ka sehra suhana lagta hai” and then followed by the mantra and its meaning and the monotonous moment instantly become engaging, I got awaken with the sudden musical touch and saw the complete.

Ritual and enjoyed the moment of having the Bollywood twist with rituals which was so engaging and entertaining with the authenticity.

Normally only a few family members and friends use to be present at the phera times but this modern musical pheras made it so engaging and entertaining that others who use to exit as soon as the food finishes automatically paused.

Even the bride and groom who were also so tired attentively listen to each phera the meaning and the totally enjoyed the modem touch. They sweetly teasing each other while the pandit was narrating the meanings and we as friends also pulled their leg.

These musical pheras not only make their day special but also a memorable moment for us all. With this there forever begins and the couple tied their knot into a strong relationship.


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