Best Rajasthani Panihari Songs to Explore Folk Music

Best Rajasthani Panihari Songs to Explore Folk Music - Marwadi Songs

Rajasthani Panihari Songs

Panihari women are them who fetch water from the distant lands of waterless Rajasthan. Most themes of this kind of music are water and rain. These women get tired while in the act of fetching water, therefore, they compose this soulful music to divert their minds, and the end product that is the song is reverent.

This song and its related dance have had incorporated into the folk music and dance of Rajasthan Slowly and gradually, these songs seeped into the daily household work and chores of the folk music of Rajasthan. The music is called soulful because these women often find their work unappreciated at the same altar which they call home. But, there is a fun side to this music too.

The women use this art of music to take a dig at their mothers in law and it brings zest to the ordinary life of these women. All these women are very creative and they weave beautiful music.

There is a romantic angle too to this music. A young girl of marriageable age is going to fetch water from the well and she meets the man of her liking and the love story starts. She offers some water to the thirsty man, he feels grateful and becomes an admirer of this woman and the rest becomes history.

The songs are very rustic. The lyrics that these women write are noteworthy and admirable even by the royalty therefore these are now the folk music of Rajasthan and these women have become famous as the Panihari women.

Pani in English means water and hari in English means carrier and hence. The folk music revolves around these Panihari women who walk long distances to bring an essential commodity like water to their place. The lyrics are articulate and the music is melodious.


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