Best Rajasthani Maand Music to Explore Folk

Best Rajasthani Maand Music

Rajasthani Maand Music

Hidayat Khan was one of the first proponents of Maand music. It is a popular song in Rajasthan. This music is rich in form and culture. Maand music usually a folk song but can also be compared to the thumri and ghazal. Its popularity is humongous.

It enhances the aura of the desert state of Rajasthan which is already very beautiful, to begin with, its amber palace, a lake palace, and mirror palace, and its many forts.

These songs were sung in Rajasthan courts. These courts are also called rajwadas where the kings and queens would sit in their designated areas and enjoy the sound of this mesmerizing music. The welcome message of Rajasthan across the world, “ Padharo mare des”, is also maand music so you can imagine the richness and beauty of this music. This legendary line was written by the now immortal Allah Jilal Bai Very many versions of this song have been written and acquired fame and every one of those versions has been popular. Sanskrit scholars have not tired of singing praises of maand music.

This music is not commercially available. But live concerts have included maand music in those in a large way. These songs are truly vintage in style and you have to have a taste for fine music to be able to appreciate it entirely.

It has many raginis and ragas. Both Hindus and Muslims have united in keeping this music alive. The musical instruments used in this form of music are tabla and sarangi. Sometimes, this music takes the shape of a rap conversation.

Musicians of maand music would make you groove within seconds of singing as if it were child’s play. The latest artist of maand music is Mame khan who has composed some fine lines with awesome music. God bless these talented artists of Maand music in Rajasthan.


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