Best Rajasthani Lotia Songs to Explore Folk Music

Best Rajasthani Lotia Songs to Explore Folk Music

Rajasthani Lotia Songs

Lotia music is a regional song usually sung on Holi to celebrate with music and colors. This month of Holi is called the Chaitra month. Lotia is mainly a song sung by women as they carry water from fields to their houses. It is also sung by farmer women who work in the fields as the harvest is considered to be bountiful if these songs are sung. Lotia is one song that is not only famous in Rajasthan but also in Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Assam.

This cultural tradition has been incorporated in the center for cultural resources and training. This shows the rich diversity of India. Each of the regions mentioned above has its style and nuances of lotia music. It is not like these singers only sing, they also practice agriculture and hunting.

They also teach cultural singing which later becomes famous as their prodigies become famous singers and reach Bollywood and abroad as singers. The songs are ingrained in children from the start because their parents have been singing these since the kids were conceived.

These artists are an important part of weddings receptions, and childbirths. The main theme of these songs is the emotions of these singers.

There is not just one place from which this singing is originated. These songs are pretty stylistic. Why you could love these songs the best is because it forms part of Krishna’s raas Leela, the songs that Krishna’s gopis sang to make the god dance.

The nature of the song is as important as the singer’s personality. The young women also sing these songs to woo their lovers. These women fill water in steel and copper containers and decorate it with flowers to serve this hard-earned water to the husband and the family. It is a beautiful sight, and it is a soulful sound.


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