Best Rajasthani Langa Songs to Explore Folk Music

Rajasthani Langa Songs to Explore Folk Music

Rajasthani Langa Songs

The Langas is a hereditary community. They thrive on music and perform for the upper classes. They also sing to commemorate the latter’s estates. The Langas are mainly Muslim tribes who are Sindhi soldiers. The main instrument that the langas play is the Sindhi sarangi. These instruments are created from skin membranes and strings like a modern guitar.

Langas also play the barrel drum (dholaks) and wooden clappers, the harp, and the ever-present harmonium. Each member of the group sings in a way that their singing overlaps one another’s. They also take performance tours to foreign lands when they are required to honor guests coming to Rajasthan from abroad.

These musicians have existed since the 19th century. They also teach music. Music is in their blood and they have been born and brought up alongside this art, this music has been passed down generations. Some famous creators of this music are Ustad Rehmat khan Langa and when you are in the mood, you can set up a mehfil of Langa musicians at your heritage hotel or home.

These musicians live off their music and are getting richer as the music becomes more and more extinct but more and more famous. You’ll mainly find these musicians in Jaisalmer Nowadays langas are also Rajputs because the caste is enlarging. The caste has now reached southern Punjab.

This music has become so famous that it has reached the library of congress. This music is a sign of social justice and empowerment. But, we will concentrate on the western region of Rajasthan. These people have in their group also the kalbeliya people who are famous for touring the world. Their music is usually fusion and eclectic and they are masters of their art. They have given a remarkable performance at the bowl of Hollywood because they are so good at singing and performing.


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