Best Music Group for Your Haldi & Mayra wedding function

Haldi and Mayra Wedding Function

As we all know that Haldi and Myra function are the two most important rituals are part of every Rajasthani wedding, which is performed with full tradition and customs, so let’s make this wedding season your special event. Whatever you need, we are going to tell you through this blog how you can Pick Best Music group For Your Haldi & Mayra wedding function.

Best Rajasthani Music Group

Gleaming lights, beautiful clothes, delicious food at the wedding, all of this gets everyone’s attention and we all know that is natural. But in between this entire one thing is so important for every wedding whether it is from Rajasthan or any state in India is called Music.

Music always play very crucial role in weddings because without best music songs or music group entertainment for our guest remains incomplete.

As we told you that the ritual of Haldi and Myra function is performed in every Rajasthani wedding and for that everyone wants the best music group to come in their wedding, which makes those functions more beautiful and memorable with their melodious dance and music.

We would like to tell you that Dhora music Group has the best music and dance artists of Rajasthan who will make your wedding very beautiful with their amazing performance in all the functions of your wedding. Because the name of our group comes at the top of Rajasthani Folk Music Group.

Haldi & Mayra Wedding Function


In marriage, the haldi function is still performed with full tradition and customs because haldi is believed to be related to the fertility and prosperity. Therefore, according to astrology, applying turmeric to the bride and groom in marriage is considered very auspicious.

Rubbing haldi on the body brings glow on the skin and looks beautiful, that is why haldi is applied to the bride and groom in the wedding. In which there is little laughter and entertainment included with some dance and music. Which you can enjoy by booking Rajasthan’s Best Music Group for Haldi at your wedding.

Best Haldi function Songs List:

  • Chad Rahi Haldi Lag raha
  • Maari Haldi Ro Rang
  • Haldi lagao banni Aaj re
  • Haldi Re Haldi
  • Kala Sha Kala

Mayra Bhaat:

The second most important ritual of Indian wedding is Mayra Bhaat Function in this ritual, the sister marries her daughter or son, then her brother drapes her sister in myra, in which he gives her many gifts, clothes, jewellery etc. Along with this, he also presents clothes to his brother-in-law and his other family members.

The main reason behind this is believed that in the olden times women had no right over their father’s property, due to which it was expected that the “Mama” would be generous and helpful when in the marriage of his niece/nephew.

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